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Archway is a smart contract platform for the Cosmos ecosystem that rewards developers. Archway gives developers a simple way to build and launch scalable cross-chain dapps.

A network's success should be shared with developers contributing to the value of the network. Archway's unique and inclusive rewards model helps towards that goal of supporting developers who, in turn, create unique dapps for everyone, but there is a need for the community's support.

Join the mission to support more developers building great dapps.

Become an Archway Ambassador right now and start earning rewards for your community

Why become an Archway Ambassador?

Build together. Help build an equitable for web3 developers. Work closely to bring our mission of a developer-first network to reality.

Get support for events. Gain direct support and resources for in-person and virtual events.

Become an extension of the Archway core contributors. Be part of a larger group of web3 community builders and become a key contributor to the Archway ecosystem.

Share actionable feedback. Give direct feedback to core contributors, help guide future direction of the protocol, and get updates on upcoming initiatives and product releases.

Support for your DAO or community. Any ambassador can run a DAO or get support for a DAO currently being run, the focus is to help amplify Archway's core mission of supporting web3 developers.

Allowing you to pass it on. Providing rewards to encourage communities supported by Archway to refer outstanding members to join the Ambassador and Hacker House programs.

Who's Eligible to Become an Archway Ambassador?

Archway Ambassadors will be made up of members who have web3 experience, various skill sets and interests. Familiarity within the Cosmos ecosystem is a plus. Here are a few profiles core contributors are looking for:

  • - dapp Developers
  • - Social Media Managers
  • - Content Creators
  • - Community Managers
  • - Outreach Leads
  • - Translators

Ambassador Expectations

There is no prescriptive way to be an Archway Ambassador, but here are some guiding examples:

  • - Promote the Archway through meetups and AMAs.
  • - Create engaging content such as blog posts, video content, and other content translated into a number of languages.
  • - Conduct regular AMAs and in-person meetups.
  • - Host tech tutorials and mini hackathons.
  • - Distribute Archway events and company announcements.
  • - Collaborate with other web3 developer communities, DAOs, and startup incubators to co-host events.
  • - Invite local speakers and host interview sessions.

Let's grow together

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