Hacker Houses

Connect Learn & Build at a House made for Dapp Developers


Calling all dapp developers, Archway is coming to a city near you.

Join fellow brilliant dapp developers from around the world, to take part in the first series of Archway Hacker Houses.

Each Hacker House will give developers a comfortable place to build dapps, collaborate, and learn more about the Archway ecosystem.

If you're interested in joining an Archway Hacker House, having Cosmos and/or CosmWasm experience would be ideal, but each Hacker House is happy to welcome creative dapp developers and builders from all ecosystems. Each house has limited capacity — so please apply early not to miss out!

The first series includes:

Paris, France

July 19th - 22nd (Location TBC)

Check Lu.ma event
Medellin, Colombia

September 22nd - 26th (Location TBC)

Check Lu.ma event
Lisbon, Portugal

October 31st - 3rd November (Location TBC)

Check Lu.ma event