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Technical Overview

Take a peek
under the hood.

A breakdown of Archway’s underlying tech: All you need to get started.

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It all began with the Cosmos big bang.

The Cosmos ecosystem is an interoperable network of blockchains built using the same framework. With recent developments in its technology, Cosmos has proven to house the best interoperability and developer infrastructure.

Archway is a Cosmos-native, incentivized Layer 1 blockchain, meaning it was built using the Cosmos SDK. One of the modules enabled on Archway is the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol, commonly known as IBC.

IBC is an interoperability protocol that communicates arbitrary data between arbitrary state machines. This means Archway dapps can natively interact with any other dapp or chain in the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Development simplified, and more valuable for builders.

Archway uses CosmWasm, Wasm, and Rust. Wasm supports 40+ high-level programming languages (C, C++, Python, Go, Rust, Java...), making sure you’re as comfortable as you’ve ever been.




Aside from integrating Wasm VM, Archway introduces two new game-changing modules that are the backbone of the Protocol’s value capture mechanism: The rewards module and the tracking module.

Archway enables developers to earn from their dapps right from the start, accelerating the speed of innovation and creative thinking for a new wave of business models.

Archway provides the business model, so all builders have to do is build. Developers can configure three earning sources, incentivizing longterm sustainability and growth.

These configurable earning sources will generate ARCH tokens that can be leveraged or redistributed in any way developers decide.

Explore some of the business models only made possible through Archway’s customizable economics:

Designed to scale while mitigating risk.

By providing developers a both viable and sustainable economic model, Archway is uniquely positioned to give your project the kickstart it needs, without compromising its security.

To ensure optimal security, Archway has a built-in a minimum consensus fee, which places a minimum gas price inside the network.

A positive-sum game, because we’re all gonna make it.

Through CosmWasm, developers that build on Archway can create multichain dapps, or dapps that are built on more than one chain. Take advantage of other ecosystems, while earning through an initial access point on Archway.

If you ever need the customizability that comes with building an appchain, CosmWasm makes it easy to migrate your dapp onto your own chain. Zero limitations.

Start with our suite of tools.

You’ll have everything you need to create your dapp today.


JavaScript library that enables the interaction between front-end web applications and the Archway Protocol.

Archway CLI

Archway's user-friendly Developer CLI is a command-line tool for working on smart contracts.